Facilitating Access to Health Care for All

Why I am a Champion for this Cause

I believe strongly in the work of the Ithaca Health Alliance and have experienced the benefit it provides to our community first hand as well as seeing it help many others.

I first joined the Ithaca Health Alliance in 2003 as a self-employed business person who was unable to afford health insurance.  It was reassuring to know that if I needed it, I was part of a community organization that could help me afford some medical and even a few dental expenses with grants from the Ithaca Health Fund.  In 2006, I made use of another Alliance program, the newly opened Ithaca Free Clinic, to get medical care beyond what the Health Fund could assist me with.  I have also seen the Alliance’s work in Education and Advocacy improve the lives of community members, helping them learn to better care for themselves and aid them in handling potentially crushing medical debt.

I have continued to be involved with the Alliance, providing computer support and eventually becoming a Board member and now President of the Board.  It has been very rewarding to use my skills, time and resources to give back to the organization that helped me and to see it help so many others, including friends and colleagues.

As we move into a transitional time for health care in this country it is hard to know what healthcare coverage and policies will ultimately look like for any of us.  However, it is clear that in addition to the current needs of the community, there will be new gaps and difficulties, and the Alliance will be there to help those caught up in the tumult.

This June, the Ithaca Free Clinic served a record breaking number of patients and provided 320 visits, a 150% increase over the previous monthly average.  This was made possible by the hard work of IHA staff and over a hundred volunteers as well as financial contributions from the community.

Please join me in supporting the Ithaca Health Alliance by making a tax-deductible donation. You can also help by sharing this page and talking about it with friends, family and co-workers.  If you are interested in volunteering you can check out:




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Website: http://www.ithacamacrepair.com/
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